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Something new is coming

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Sometimes what we think is a passion fades, replaced by a calling to do more.

It has been a trying year, and to make matters worse, what I thought was possibly

legitimate, twice, did not pan out.

I am getting ahead of myself.

For the last year, I have had a calling that I ignored. I wanted to write, I said.

I had what I thought was an aromatherapy job with hospice patients–right up my alley.

It turned out to be a scam because the email was bogus. Shame on them.

Then, I thought I had an opportunity to copywrite for an essential oil distributor, but when I told them what I was asking as far as pay…well….


So–shame on me.

To say I wasn’t depressed or disappointed was not true, but I talked to myself, prayed and talked to Jesus or at Jesus…to guide my way. I had more than one occasion where the way was brought forth and I ignored it.

Again, shame on me.

Christian End of Life Guide (Doula) is what I have been called to do.

Stay tuned, I am looking to be certified by the end of the year and to incorporate my aromatherapy knowledge into my practice. Who knows, maybe I can retire sooner than I had planned.

That is why we can say without a doubt or fear; “The Lord is my Helper, and I am not afraid of anything that mere man can do to me.”

He 13:6

Happy Blending,