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not everything you read on the internet is safe…

I was going through my pins on Pinterest today. Some of the pins I kept were erroneous to say the least.

One pin made a rollerball (10 ml.) adding 80 drops of essential oils in it! That’s a 40% dilution if my math is correct.

Another pin had a homemade vapor rub for children with 20 drops of eucalyptus and 10 drops of peppermint oil! Not safe for children!

One had “better than weed”–45 drops of essential oils in what amount of carrier the post did not say.


of essential oils is the most important thing to learn in aromatherapy. It is aromatherapy 101 that teaches dilution. Most of the time, that is an easy equation to figure out: 5-6 drops per 30 ml of carrier. Dilution of essential oils is sometimes tricky, what size bottle, jar or tin are we using? Did we double or halve the recipe? What about the oils that we must use in low dilution? Say a .07%? How do we figure that out?

I do not want to make 30 ml of anything, just a 10 ml rollerball…. how much essential oil is that? Or a 5 ml bottle—I use those a lot. Uses for essential oils are in the chart below, note the dilution rate for specific issues.

Dilution Used for

  • 1%    30 ml 5-6 drops      Face, children, pregnant women, immune compromised
  • 2% 30 ml 10-12 drops Daily use, massage oils, larger area of body
  • 3% 30 ml 15-18 drops Specific injury of muscle, tendon or bone
  • 4% 30 ml 20-24 drops Local area such as chest congestion
  • 5% or above 30 ml   25-30 drops Severe pain, muscle cramps, bruising

So, as you can see, the dilution is minimal….and in training, we were taught to always start with the lowest dilution.

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There are many good aromatherapists out there, be sure to do your research.

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“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life.”

Ps 138:7