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Thinking of Spring!

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

For me, dandelion brings to mind a nice spring tonic, a yeasty mellow wine, and a pesto made with the leaves…..and Spring! In Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the groundhog’s forecast of winter has come. The temperatures have been up and down.

I use dandelion root tea, along with burdock root tea for cleansing. It’s not the best tasting–I add some kind of mint to everything I steep. just my preference. Oh, and I don’t dig my own roots…of the dandelion or burdock-I should dig the burdock because they are just prolific in my garden and yard!

I have a recipe for dandelion candy, syrup, bitters and dandelion lip balm. The NerdyFarmWife has a whole ebook on Dandelion, Check it out…there is salve, tinctures, and lots of cool dandelion ideas.

Here’s the recipe I use for Dandelion Pesto: it’s the one I use for basil too.

Dandelion Pesto

1 1/2 cups dandelion leaves

2-3 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp. pine nuts

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

1/4 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor.


Waiting to pick dandelions!


“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson