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Easing period cramps the natural way using essential oil preparations.

Anti-spasmodic  :

Preventing spasms or convulsions.

Not getting into the scientific causes and boring everyone to death, cramps happen.

If taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is not your thing, maybe one of the ideas below is:

  • 1. Get out the heating pad.
  • 2. Meditate.
  • 3. Try yoga.
  • 4. Exercise.

If none of those remedies help, try:

  • 1. Drink chamomile tea.
  • 2. Use a heating pad.
  • 3. Mix up an essential oil blend below.

An essential oil blend

Cramp-ease blend

At a 2% dilution to start.

1 oz.  (28 grams) unscented lotion

4 drops orange (citrus sinesis)

2 drops roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

3 drops ylang ylang  (Cananga odorata var. geniuna)

2 drops bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

1 drop rose (Rose damascene)

Mix all ingredients in an unscented lotion.

Use on lower abdomen to help with cramping. The number of drops can be increased the next time making the lotion up to 5%. Always remember to dilute properly and stop usage if any allergic reaction occurs.

Interesting facts about the oils in the blend

  • 1. Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) can be used instead of rose absolute if the cost of rose is prohibitive.
  • 2. All of the above oils are anti-spasmodic to varying degrees.  The smell is not overpowering, even with the addition of ylang ylang and rose.
  • 3. If using in the summer, and there is a possibility of sun exposure to the midriff, use a bergaptene free version of bergamot.  See my Summer edition ebook for more information on photoxicity. Or check out
  • 4. Orange is uplifting, has no phototoxic qualities. D-limonene blocks pain sensing neurons.
  • 5. Ylang ylang has many components: linolol 10%; b-caryophyllene 12%; germacrene D 15%. 
  • 6. Linolol is the same component found in lavender-which is known for it’s relaxing, analgesic qualities. B-caryophyllene has analgesic qualities among others.
  • 7. If using geranium instead of rose, it has a cooling quality, and is analgesic.

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Psalm 147:3