Feeling good starts with taking charge of your health. The therapeutic benefits of essential oils can work along side of traditional medicine to bring a natural wellness to your life.

The details of what is included in a consultation is below.

An aromatherapy consultation starts with reaching out to me to see if aromatherapy is right for you. The type of aromatherapy that I practice currently does not include the ingestion of essential oils, only the topical and inhalation methods of transmission.
An initial email or quick 15-minute phone call is step one. This initial phone call is free of charge. Reach out at or (717) 333.7207 and leave a message.
If we both decide that aromatherapy is right for you, the next step is to fill out the Client Intake Form and sign the Disclaimer.

The Client Intake Form records important information such as allergies, medications, and other medical information. This information is needed for your safety when using essential oils. Signing both forms is mandatory for me to provide service.
After I receive, review, and accept the Client Intake Form, I will start to work on a preliminary formulation which is a blend made specifically for you. A phone call, zoom meeting or an in-person consultation lasting up to 1 hour is the best way to introduce you to the essential oils that I plan to use. During this visit we can tell which oils you like or dislike. The cost of this visit is $60.00. After this consultation, I will work on completing your personal blend. I will then either mail the blend by Priority mail or arrange for local delivery if local. The cost of the blend is an extra fee. The cost varies depending on the oils used in the blend.

Detailed directions are included with your blend. You can always reach out to me if there are any questions. I then follow up with you in approximately 2 weeks. This visit lasts up to 30 minutes and can be done via phone, Zoom or in person. There is no charge for this visit, it is included in the initial consultation fee.
Follow up visits for new issues or additional consultations are $30.00. This visit lasts approximately 30 minutes. Blends are an extra fee like previously stated.

Visit the Client Intake form to get started.

I look forward to starting you on your essential oil journey,