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Alternative modalities for itchy skin.

Pruritus is the term for itchy skin.
What causes itch?

Itchy skin not caused by a bug bite such as a mosquito can be aggravating physically and psychologically.

Scientifically there are nerve cells in the body that are called C-fibers.

These fibers send an alarm signal to the brain causing the fingernails to scratch the itch, which is the
science behind calming the itch.

Unfortunately, after approximately 100 years of study, there is not one single treatment for itch. Calamine and hydrocortisone creams and lotions, antihistamines, aspirin and ultraviolet light treatment are conventional therapies for the treatment of itch.

How to calm the itch with essential oils, herbs, alternative methods.

In the alternative medicine world, there are herbal and plant essential oils that can help modulate the itch, working much in the same way as calamine and hydrocortisone creams and lotions.

It comes down to what do you want to put on your skin.

Recipes, remedies and hacks

When I was little, my grandma used ACV (apple cider vinegar) on poison ivy rashes. It worked then and occasionally I still do this.

Hydrosols or washes made with Lavender, chamomile or calendula are great for large rash areas.

A chickweed salve is wonderful for a rash.

Picking the right carrier oil for your DIY remedy:

Apricot oil (Prunus armeniaca) is good for inflamed skin with a moderately low comedogenic index, fast absorption, light viscosity, and milk aroma.
Almond oil (Prunus amygladlus var dulcus) has a sweet, light aroma, a moderately low comedogenic index even though it has a thick viscosity and is absorbed quickly.

A few essential oil options to try:

Hives: in a 2 oz. (59 ml or 60 gram) carrier

Add 12 drops lavender, 5 drops roman chamomile, and 3 drops patchouli.

Eczema: in 30 gr lotion;

add 5 drops myrrh, 4 drops patchouli, 2 drops vetiver.

For itchy skin; although I personally did not like this blend; in 14 grams lotion;

4 drops sweet marjoram, 2 drops lavender.

I hope these ideas calm the itch you may have.

Happy Blending,