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I started my herbal journey many years ago. What prompted me to move to aromatherapy was the convenience of using the product. Traveling with herbal products can be cumbersome, and an inhaler or a rollerball product was so convenient to have on hand.

While working at my day job in different pharmacies, I started to hear others make statements that were causing me concern for their safety. People were not diluting oils properly, dumping them in the bathtub or using them like a perfume type product, straight from the bottle. I had had some training, taking free webinars, NAHA CE’s and mini courses. The safety concerns I had led me to increase my knowledge by enrolling in the 235-hour Advanced Certification Program through Aromahead Institute. Andrea Butje is one of the leading aromatherapists in the country. Her ACP course is approved to a level 3 Certification through NAHA.
Let me say that learning Anatomy and Physiology at over 60 years of age was at times a struggle. I knew it was important to learn so I kept at it. The most satisfying part of the course was completing the 20+ case studies and writing an 18-page research paper on Essential Oil safety.

Then the call came to help those at the end of life, all people deserve the right to a dignified death.

An end-of-life guide is a non-medical professional that takes care of a patient in the dying process. Doulas work in addition to the medical, hospice and social teams. As a Christian end-of-life guide, I rely on my faith to help me help your loved one. I service all people with no prejudice.

Mission Statement

Safety or the safe use of essential oils has always been a passion of mine.  Upon the completion of the ACP program and my ongoing aromatherapy and herbal training, it is my hope that I can help prevent any harm from using essential oils.

As an Christian end of life doula, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of life and a role model for counseling.

The Bible is the guidebook for treatment, and the church is the center. To be mature in Christ is the ultimate goal.

Training-Continuing Education credits etc.
April 2015 Herbal Academy of New England Introductory Herbal Course
April 2017 Herbal Academy of New England Herbal Materia Medica Course
June 2018 Herbal Academy of New England Intermediate Herbal Course
November 2019 Herbal Academy of New England Making herbal preparations (Mini course)
December 2019 Herbal Academy of New England Herbs for ADHD, Cognition & Focus (intensive)
December 2019 Herbal Academy of New England Emulsifiers and Preservatives in Botanical skin care products
June 2020 NAHA 8 CE hours with various presenters including Penny Price, Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, and Melani Kovac.
June 2020 Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program including ACP 235 hours.
July 2020 NAHA Robin Kessler; Frankincense resins: how to use and incorporate with Aromatherapy applications 1 CE hr.
July 2020 NAHA Salvatore Battaglia; Aromatherapy and Chakras 2 CE hrs.
August 2020 Naturopathic CE Aroma Pharmacokinetics with Dr Timothy Miller 6.25 CE hrs.
August 2020 NAHA Dr Kelly Ablard; White Sage; Protecting white sage, its pollinators, and its use in indigenous communities 1 CE hr.
October 2020 NAHA Colleen Quinn; Master Blending aromatherapeutic based on plant chemistry 1 CE hr.
December 2020 NAHA Essential oils and natural ingredients for hair care 1 CE hr.
March 2021 NAHA Jade Shutes; Dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions 1 CE hr.
April 2021 NAHA Jean Bokelmann; Antimicrobial mechanisms of essential oils 1 CE hr.
May 2021 NAHA KG Stiles; Heal yourself using essential oils-leaky gut 2 CE hrs.
August 2021 Nicola Salter; How to decode and calm your emotions-your self-care tool kit for overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 6 CE hrs.
August 2021 Evan Sylliaasan; Listening to incense home study course. 15 CE hrs.
September 2021 Herbal Academy of New England Business Herbal course

November 2021 Colleen Quinn; LabTerpene-Terpenes and Cannabinoids.

February 2022 NAHA Pejman Katiraei; When anxiety is not anxiety 1 CE hr.

April 2022 NAHA Betty Torres; Self-care using aromatherapy for healers, coaches and entrepreneurs. 1 CE hr.

August 2022 NAHA Kate Johnson; Aromatherapy effects on test anxiety; a deep dive into the research. 1 CE hr.

September 2022 NAHA Cecile Ellert; Lyme Disease and essential oils. 1 CE hr.

December 2022 IDLM (International Doula Life Movement) End of Life Doula Course

I continually keep up with webinars required for professional certification for AIA/NAHA.

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Obviously, you may opt out of receiving emails at any time.  I am not chatty in my newsletters, and I send them infrequently.  I prefer that you check out my website.

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